Friday, December 24, 2010

What SAT/ACT score do I need?

Parents and students often ask about what score is needed to get into College X. Firstly, while these tests are important they are by no means the only element that a university considers when assessing an application. Grades in high school will almost always be the most heavily weighted consideration.

Having said that, it is simple to look up the average score of admitted applicants for most schools. This score should reflect the middle score, in other words, half of the students who were admitted had a higher score and half had a lower score. Simply look up the school and search for "scores of admitted freshmen" for the previous year. Below I've included a few of these from some popular California schools. The SAT is scored out of 2400 and will be the first number after the name of the school, the ACT is scored out of 36 and will be the second number.

UCLA- 1940/27
UC San Diego- 1870/27
UC Davis- 1770/24
UC Riverside- 1644/21
Univ. of San Diego- 1840/29
USC- 2070/29

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